FAQ - Li-on Batteries

Exactly how should we determine the ability of our battery packs?


To get values you can depend on when working with your lamp, for measurement purposes, we discharge with a high current of 2 A that is certainly and to be expected in real-world application. This always results in slightly lower nominal values than given by other manufacturers who discharge at lower currents to accomplish promotional, high values.


How high will be the self-discharge of lithium-ion batteries?


Lithium-ion batteries are unbeatable the reason is: at most approximately 10% annually at the storage temperature of 20°C, at lower temperatures less.

How often am i allowed to recharge a lithium-ion power supply, is there a endurance?


Living of an battery power is dependent upon different factors. On the cell type, on how much it can be used and also on the achievements treated. Generally speaking, a life of 500-800 charging/discharging cycles could be assumed before the battery's capacity decreases significantly (80% with the nominal value). This corresponds to a nominal amount period of use of approximately 2-3 years if your battery is used two times a week.


How high may be the decrease of capacity at low temperatures during use?


Always charge it pack after use and make it in the warm place; go on it outside just shortly before use. The insulation of bottles and bags delays cooling by 2-3 hours. After this point of energy, cells within the interior are cold and may become slow, the voltage status decreases.

In lithium-ion batteries, the losing of power at cold conditions is considerably lower, however, it's still recommended to transport battery pack beneath your clothes in the case of extreme sub-zero temperatures.


My battery won't charge anymore. What could be the cause along with what can I do?

Most of the time, battery and also the charger have been in perfect condition, precisely the battery protection has become triggered. For solving this issue, you just need to somewhat patience. Leave the battery attached to the charger after quite some time - it might sometimes require a several hours - the battery charge again.


How do I store a lithium-ion battery for many months?


There are 2 options:

1. You could possibly leave it attached to the charger. Power consumption is just not measurable, because battery's charging status is maintained by short current pulses every 2-4 minutes.


2. If you do not wish to leave the MagicShine battery connected, charge the battery completely or, ideally, 40-50% whilst the battery in the cool area for no longer than A few months.

The place ought to be cool not to mention dry. Temperatures below 15°C, are favorable (Caution! Keeping battery at your residence could possibly be problematic through the summer).

Extreme example: Storage of an fully charged lithium-ion battery at 30°C, (direct light from the sun) irreversibly damages the battery - it may well even fail completely.


I made use of the lithium-ion battery only for a few days. Can i nevertheless charge it again immediately? Or in other words use it again and discharge it?


Should you expect the following tour being not as opposed to remaining capacity can last, do not charge it immediately. The life span of the lithium-ion battery can also be based on the quantity of charging cycles. Each charging cycle, perhaps the shortest, is identified by the battery therefore; therefore, rather avoid charging the car battery unless it is necessary.


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