FAQ - Bluetooth & Upgrade

Which lamps have Bluetooth?


All Magicshine lamps with the "R" in the name are delivered having a radio transmitter. Additionally, the Lighting Control app for iOS and Android os allows convenient programming and retrieval of other status information with the lamp.


May I additionally mount my Magicshine flashlight with a handlebar?

Yes, there are lots of mounts readily available for our new MJ 9xx Edition. With your toolfree holder, your are in a position to mount your  Magicshine MJ9xx on virtually any common handlebar.



Exactly what do I must caused by use the Magicshine like a headlamp?


Unscrew the locking screws for sides and mount the lamp towards the identical mounting unit on the Magicshine headband. Then tighten the screws hand-tight.


Can all Magicshine lamps be mounted either to the headband or helmet mount?


With exception of our own flashlights, there are helmet or headbands intended for all of our lights.


Which lamp models are Bluetooth convertible?


Important: Bluetooth cannot be upgraded. The only exception may be the current model of MJ 900R. This lamp features a Bluetooth receiver internal. It can be operated while using app and subsequently provided with a radio transmitter.


My Bluetooth transmitter light becomes dimmed?


With declining electric batteries with the transmitter, the light gets weaker before the handy remote control reduces.


The lamp does not reply to the Bluetooth transmitter?


The lamp head and transmitter aren't properly connected. Repeat the binding process and check out the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter).


The lamp won't respond to the Bluetooth transmitter and also the transmitter won't light up?


Most likely, the transmitter battery is empty or perhaps the button battery inside the transmitter is inserted incorrectly. Check the battery and examine the manual of the lamp head (chapter radio transmitter / battery change).


The lamp suddenly still can't be controlled via bluetooth transmitter despite successful bond?


If the lamp head is linked to the battery and will not utilize the lamp for approximately A couple of hours, the Bluetooth module is going to pull the plug on automatically. After re-connecting battery along with your lamp or pressing the button about the lamp head, the Bluetooth module will probably be reactivated.