COMING SOON: Magicshine Eagle Action Camera Bicycle Light


Magicshine first bike light having an POV Sport camera integrated, the Eagle DV Action Camera Bicycle Light. UHD 4K capable action HD camera with 800 lumen (actual output) powerful LED for each kind of nocturnal cycling, MTB, Enduro, downhill and being able to record every moment than it!

Mount it in your bike, in your helmet, the action camera bike light weighs only 137g on its own. Handlebar mountable wireless remote device causes it to be super quick and easy to manipulate the lights, camera and snap photos promptly. A 0.96 inch OLED display in the lamp comes with a quick intuitive information on remaining run-time, camera mode, fill light and wifi. A default 6 cell Li-ion battery ensures long hours of illumination and recording. 2x high end XM-L2 LEDs won't offer ample path lighting for your ride but you are also meant to act as smart camera fill light which will work automatically to keep maximum image/video quality. Like all other Eagle series lights, Eagle Eye side lights are included as well within Eagle DV for enhanced side visibility.

You could be thinking of the additional heat generated and trapped in a very confined enclosure, with delicate internal circuits and chips working under two super powerful LEDs as well as a HD camera. Heat dissipation is usually an issue rich in powered lights along with the Eagle DV continues to be expertly fashioned with an frontal air intake vent while most of the back element of the light may be focused on heat-sinking. A streamlined heat dissipation solution ensuring both lights and camera work under peak efficiency. However even while stationary, the warmth generation isn't enough to break internal components due to the built-in self protection mechanism, performance will probably be dialed during the case of system overheat.

Eagle DV is wifi capable and integrates seamlessly with your mobile phones. Preview your entire footage and photographs stored on the TF card (supports 8G to as much as 128G) within your DV unit near the Micro USB charging port.


With Magicshine Control app, you have full control over your Lighting System.

You can

- Control the Magicshine EAGLE DV light directly from the app

- change the light levels

- Get more information about your Magicshine DV light (temperature, battery voltage and current power value)


To connect the light with Magicshine Control app for the first time you have to:

Open the app, hold the button of the light pressed until the LED lights up. Light and app will connect automatically.

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