MAGICSHINE is the leading manufacturer of professional outdoor lighting. with more than 10 years of experience and specialization in multi chip technology, we can offer the ambitious hobby luminous led technology combines in a minimum of space. our products find widespread use such as biking, skiing and rock climbing.

As distributor we ship Europe-wide within 1 - 2 days with DHL or GLS.


Professional advice is a top priority at Magicshine Light, Competent customer service staff are available to answer any questions you might have about Bicycle light. You'll get all the information you need to buy a light to suit you. We offer personalised advice in order for you to find the perfect light. 

We can give you detailed questions to the fit of outdoor lighting directly answer. but even after the order, we are still here for you.

The traders or Reseller are very important to us. with more than 20 products, we offer you the perfect choice for your business solution and team sales.

Fast, flexible, with the best price performance ratio. For questions you can always turn to our B2B Service.

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Please observe the laws of your country! Mounting on the bicycle is not permitted for use within the scope of the StVZO Germany.

magicshine test bericht rund ums rad
Magicshine MJ 902 Testbericht vom Rund ums Rad: ,,..Lange Akkulaufzeit, kleiner Lampenkopf und eine sehr breite Ausleuchtung des Trails zu einem schmalen Preis, das klingt attraktiv! ''

Magicshine MJ 906 Gravity Magazine Testbericht
Magicshine MJ 906 Gravity Magazine Testbericht: Pro: Preis, Gewicht, Fernbedienung, Rücklicht.
Magicshine MJ 902 Testbericht Mountainbike Magazin 2015
Magicshine MJ 902 Mountainbike Magazin 12/2015 Testergebnis : Sehr gut ! Auszeichnung: KAUF TIPP

Magicshine MJ 906 Test Sieger Bike Sport Magazin
Magicshine 906 BikeSPORT Magazin Jan./Feb. 2016 Testergebnis : TOP Star Auszeichnung: Excellentes
 Magicshine MJ 906 Favbike Value Award  Test Sieger
Magicshine MJ 906 Favbike Value Award Preis Leistungs Kracher! Auszeichnung: KAUF TIPP!

Magicshine MJ 700 Testbericht Rund ums Rad
Testbericht vom Rund ums Rad: ,,.. Somit eignet sich die Eagle 700 optimal für Pendler, die nicht auf eine ordentliche Lampe verzichten wollen. Auch der Preis von ca. 70 Euro stimmt. ''

Magicshine testbericht gravity Magazine
Magicshine MJ 902 Gravity Magazine 11/2016 Testbericht: Pro: Preis, Gewicht, Fernbedienung, Rücklicht.


If you go on a day trip with the mountain bike or road bike, it can also be a bit later until you get back. Cyclists simply do not have the mass or size of a car and are essentially invisible to motorists. Furthermore, there are not enough cyclists on the roads to make an impact. The everyday car driver is not accustomed to seeing cyclists on the road and, therefore, cyclists are not on the driver's radar screen. Every cyclist would like to come home safely in the dark. If you are thinking of taking your battery-powered LED front and rear lights, you will be on the safe side in traffic and off-road conditions when darkness occurs. The LED light, small and luminous bulbs can be transported in the backpack. The easiest way would be to attach them to the wheel. The front lights are usually equipped with a rechargeable battery which can be charged via USB connection. There are also rechargeable batteries, but batteries are more frequently required for operation.

Buy Magicshine Bike Lights from Magicshine Light

We are the exclusive distributor of Magicshine products in the Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For our customers that usually means next day delivery and it’s your guarantee that your goods aren’t grey imports or fake product. We reply to e-mails inside 24 hours and our Live Chat expert advice is free at all times. We also have a number of years of experience within the Bike industry and fully test all of our MagicShine products for quality, usefulness and value before introducing them to the market. This means that all of the products that we stock online are brought to you by industry experts who can give advice, and that all of our MagicShine bike lights are of the highest quality in terms of practicality, reliability and value for money. We truly believe in the high quality of all MagicShine products, which is why we are the retailer that offers an exclusive 12 month warranty with every purchase, including Li-on batteries.


We pride ourselves in delivering impeccable customer service. Day Well GmbH is a company that has a registered trade name and we are the official DACH retailer & distributor of all MagicShine products including bike lights and head torches. When you deal with us you are dealing with a transparent and genuine MagicShine dealer. So if you are looking for a reputable company, offering official MagicShine bike lights and other bicycle equipment at low prices online, as well as offering fast Germany delivery then you are in the right place.


FAQ - Bluetooth & Upgrade

Which lamps have Bluetooth?


All Magicshine lamps with the "R" in the name are delivered having a radio transmitter. Additionally, the Lighting Control app for iOS and Android os allows convenient programming and retrieval of other status information with the lamp.

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FAQ - Li-on Batteries

Exactly how should we determine the ability of our battery packs?


To get values you can depend on when working with your lamp, for measurement purposes, we discharge with a high current of 2 A that is certainly and to be expected in real-world application. This always results in slightly lower nominal values than given by other manufacturers who discharge at lower currents to accomplish promotional, high values.

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FAQ - Gerneral

What do I actually do if my lamp must be repaired?


FAQs and our forum both would not help? Calling your dealer or our distributor failed to solve the problem either?

Then please return your entire lamp set such as the battery pack for your dealer. Keep in mind to feature a shorter description with the error as well as your phone number and/or e-mail address.

And here is one last tip: often, apparent defects are not more than a classic, worn-out battery pack. For determining age, glance at the battery label; it states year and quarter of production. If you've been while using the battery in excess of six years, you cannot expect full performance anymore.

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Frequently Asked MagicShine Bike Light Questions - LEDs

Exactly what is the life-span with the LEDs?


The LEDs have indeed a virtually unlimited life. Therefore, it rather makes sense to consider what sort of luminance decreases over time. Our long-term tests indicate how the LEDs lose merely about 10% of these luminance after 24 months of permanent operation (17,500 hours).

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MagicShine release Paris-Brest-Paris Special Edition Bike Light: PBP 1200

The most famous long-distance randonnée, the 1200-kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris is a grueling trail of human endurance and cycling ability. PBP tournament upon entering into China, set off a huge wave of interest for long-distance endurance riding throughout the country. During this incredibly long and restless journey, night that is long and dark became the biggest hurdle to PBP participants.


As one of the leading professional lighting brand in the world, Magicshine developed the PBP1200 series bike front light specifically for this event, satisfying the need for long distance non-stop path lighting.

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