A reasonable frontlicht, helmet lamp and a taillight is definitely the duty cycling equipment for other road users in darkness to be perceived. who in the dark without light is traveling, the risk not only in trouble with the ordnungshütern but literally head and collar.


There are always occasions, this is a light, easy to replace, with more light. in magicshine you find lighting with partly more luminosity

Magicshine MJ-908 8000 light review

The lamp unit mounts to the bar using a Y-shaped rubber strap and it stretches to fit 35mm bars, but unfortunately one side of this rubber band kept springing loose.

A rubber O-ring is used for the remote fitment, but it’s quite a big button and we struggled to get it mounted anywhere near the grip.

Mode and run time are shown on an LCD display on the lamp unit, but it also features two side lights, which illuminate the bars, causing a little bit of glare.

The MJ-908 has a good beam, plenty of power and is crammed with features, but it lacks the quality of the Lupine and Exposure lights. That said, if you’re a night-riding novice and want the most lumens for the least money, this is the one we’d recommend.

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 Magicshine Testbericht Logo Subjective Cyclist

MagicShine MJ-908 Product Review from Subjective Cyclist


„...Like its much smaller brother, the MJ-902, and all its siblings of similar design with different outputs and beam patterns, the 908 also contains the same basic accessories and hardware. Although the battery is slightly larger than others and the cable ends have different ports to prevent mixing and matching, the concept remains the same.  The battery can be Velcro attached to any bike tube. “


„...Operation is a breeze.  Just like the 2,000, this model is controlled independently at each light or from the simple-to-use remote.  An added feature is the LCD readout display atop the light housing.  Showing the batteries remaining charge in terms of time and a wheel indicating which mode/intensity you have selected, a cyclist can ride with confidence knowing how long they can stay on the trail before loosing light. “


„...Output, I'll say it again, it's an absolute monster!  All of the settings are completely usable for any style of riding.  Burning the light on full blast is too enticing, you won't want to do anything else.  Runtimes are also decent afforded from the 6 pack battery. “

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Both Magicshine mj-908 and mj-902 comes with a little of interesting techs. Both of these lights get a small little remote control to switch both the front and rear lights on, off and the modes of the light desired by the user. That small little remote sure come in handy in situations such as us users forgetting to switch the light off after dismounting from our bikes and going to a shop to purchase some items. This will allow us to not walk back to our bikes to switch it off and also allow us to save some battery even if we did forget to switch our lights off immediately. However, mj-908 comes with 1 more small little tech. It comes with a small LED display showing the user the battery life, run time and the current output of the light.


After using these lights, with the modes that it offers, it does suit most situations. Be it the streets or in the jungle. 8000 Lumens may seem too much for the streets, but with the mode of only using 20% of that power, it will not be too blinding for everyone as long as you place the light at the right angle. But if you as the user will only use the light majoritily on the streets, the mj-902 2000 Lumens front light will definitely suit your usage better as it can go as low as 30% of the 2000 Lumens power output which is approximately the same as most street use front light.

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MagicShine MJ 902 Product Review from Rund-ums-Rad

Price performance ratio.

"with a price of more than 100 euro is the magicshine mj 902 is not only cheap but also innovative lamp."

Battery runtime:

"... but to know exactly whether you are the leuchtdauer with 3 hours, we have 100% switched on and waited for the result? impressive! the promised 3 hours held her down. after about 4 hours, we noticed no difference. after 5 hours, then more, but only after about 8 hours completely. "


"...schalten we now through all three stages will be positive for the darkest level with 30% for drivers to russian degree of brightness is, it's not all lamps. a flash mode is to see, but in the forest to be on the road as a sporty, präferieren we the two modes with 70 and 100%. "

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Favbike:  MJ 906 Review


in sum, convinced that by magicshine offered package for under 200 euros. for this kampfpreis the mentioned restrictions and easy to absorb excessive data once and for all. therefore, we forgive our value award and the magicshine mj - 906 our stars: value award prize money worth it. "

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MTBiking Review Magicshine MJ 906


„...The MJ-906 also comes with a wireless remote switch that can be placed within easy reach of your grips. This was especially handy as the light has a total of five beam settings, including an unavoidable flashing mode. I’d often lose track of which setting I was in—at least the remote makes it all a little easier to manage.“ 


„...While it mightn’t appear as bright, I found the beam did a better job at picking out definition in the trail (especially on darker soils) and it was also less glary in dusty conditions or when riding in the rain.“ 

„...Claimed lumens aside, the MJ-906 is very effective on the trail for a $249 light.“ 


 Magicshine Testbericht Logo Gravity Magazine

Product Review: Magicshine MJ 880

The light unit itself comes with 2 CreeXM-L LED bulbs, giving out an incredible 2000 lumens of power. The beam is unbelievably bright and has a real good spread, enough in my opinion, to match the Hope R8. It has a great Euro looking stealthy finned design, with back-lit selector buttons on top, so (if bar mounted) you can see which of the many modes you are currently in. Plus the life expectancy of this unit is a whopping 50,000 hours. The power selection buttons are nice and easy to find if you have it helmet mounted, and it’s not too weighty to be on top of your precious helmet. Bar mounting comes in the form (like the cheaper ones) of a rubber band, but this is far more substantial and once you have set where you want it, it stays in place. The only thing I would knock it for, is that it doesn’t come with a helmet mount, so you have to buy as an extra. Plus when it arrived it was the type that straps right around your helmet, these do not stay in place. But out came the snips, keeping the main base attachment, cut off the straps and cable tie to the helmet and we were in business. The light unit itself also has an overheat and overcharge protection and low battery warning.

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With a typical burn time of 2.5 hours on 100% power, the sleek and small units were the perfect powerhouse of light for the average evening ride. Currently Magicshine USA is offering three different lights that are recomendeded for Mountain use on Helmet or Bar mounts, which range from 1000, 1600 and 2000 lumen lamps. The typical set up that we rode with on our light tests was with the small and compact 2000 lumen MJ-880 on our helmets and the 1600 lumen MJ-872 LED lamp on our bars. The two light combo is recomended for best lighting results in the flats and corners, which will still cost much less than most compeditors single lamp set up. Magicshine has a reputation for having battery problems with their older models, but a newly re-designed high capacity 6600mAh rechargable Li-ion Battery is suppose to outlast previous models and be a much safer battery when on the Magicshine charger. 

Magicshine MJ 902 Testbericht Gravity Magazine 11/2016
Magicshine MJ 872 Product Review

 Magicshine Testbericht Logo

MJ 902 Review from Mountainbike-Magazin


"two leds in the magicshine mj - 902 for a wide, bright illumination of the trail. the battery is very durable, but too hard and too long to be attached to him at the helm. top: a taillight is the delivery. "

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Magicshine MJ 902 Mountainbike-Magazin Testbericht
Magicshine MJ 902 Mountainbike-Magazin Testbericht

 Magicshine Testbericht Logo Subjective Cyclist

Subjective Cyclist Review MJ-902


,,...That being said, for riders who feel that they need greater output, there aren't many options for all-in-one units over 900lm.  This is where the MJ-902 does succeed quite well.  By keeping all the components as small as possible, it embraces a minimalist design as much as it can while offering an output that all-in-one units can't touch.  I can't find much to criticize with this light.  The only thing I can definitely come up with is the lack-luster flex straps used for mounting each of the lights.  With a little more engineering these could be better.  Otherwise, the MJ-902 is a powerful bike light system that feels mostly geared towards road riding or the weekend hobbyist MTBer. “ Read More

Product Review Magicshine MJ 900


,,the magicshine mj, 900 is a clear stars, for a lot of light for a very reasonable price. the lightweight does what it promises, and is also used as head light, which is a separately available helmet mount for 12.00 euros is needed."

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Review MJ 900 from ROAD.CC

,,Cycle lighting technology moves fast; even four or five years ago you would have struggled to get a durable 1200-lumen front light for anywhere near a hundred quid, let alone half that. But that's exactly what Magicshine has achieved here with its MJ-900.

The head unit is fitted in place with a simple o-ring, which makes attaching and removing the light a simple operation, ideal if you need to leave your bike somewhere public. The downside is that road vibrations make it creep around the bar, normally backwards so that the beam continues to rise higher into the sky. On really rough roads you have to constantly adjust it.

The hard body battery pack is held in place with a wide Velcro strap and it gives a much more secure fit. The battery pack itself has a curved cutout on the bottom with a rubber insert, so it's perfect for attaching to the top tube or under the stem.

While we're on the subject of the battery pack, it has a 2.6Ah 7.4W capacity, which will chuck out full power for 2hrs 18mins – if you're lucky. The best I got was 1hr 56mins and up to 10 minutes less sometimes. The on/off button illuminates when the light is on, turning brighter when the battery has about 20 minutes left so you do get some warning.“


Solid construction and easy to use, but a primitive beam pattern.


 Magicshine Testbericht Logo Bikeradar

MJ 900 review from Bikeradar

,,...Cheap lights have been getting better for ages, but this tiny lamp looks and performs like it should cost two or three times more. The super-lightweight ‘cyclops’ head has deep cooling fins for efficient running and secure metal hooks for the universal O-ring bar mount. The theoretical 1,200-lumen output gives a tight focused beam that’s clean and clear enough for predictable illumination when tackling challenging trails. 

The mode-change button is nice and big for easy switching even with fat winter gloves, but beware the flash and ‘off’ settings in the scrolling power menu. Otherwise the tiny hardshell battery can be tucked anywhere and run times are reasonable without much fade.“ weiterlesen

BieRadar Magicshine MJ 900 Testbericht
BieRadar Magicshine MJ 900 Testbericht

Product review Magicshine MJ 906 from Bike Sport 2/2016


Note: 1,7

Produkt: Platz 2 von 11

„Topstar Preis-Leistung“

„Testergebnis :   TOP Star“

„Auszeichnung:  Excellentes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis“

„Mit viel Licht-Output und durchdachtem Remote-Hebel sammelt die MJ viele Punkte in der Praxis und am Prüfstand – und das zu einem exzellenten Preis!“

 Magicshine Testbericht Logo Rund ums Rad

Rund-ums-Rad 12/2016: EAGLE 700 Review


"in all, the eagle 700 a really bright burner, not only easy to assemble and disassemble, but also easy to recharge. this extends not only the application, but to spare the tow additional chargers. this is the eagle 700 ideal for commuters who do not want to renounce to a proper lamp. the price of around 70 euros. the only fly in the ointment, the short battery life, there is still upside. "


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Review: Magicshine Eagle 600


Good innovation and build quality

Great front beam pattern with two LEDs and lenses

OLED battery display is revolutionary

Mount is one of the best

Side lighting is great for commuters

Excellent heat sinking

More powerful than 600 Lumen claims


$160 is near the top of the class in this category

No helmet mount included

Side lighting cannot be turned off for trail riding

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Subjective Cyclist: Testbericht MagicShine MJ-898 Radhelm


,,...On with the specs.  As is obvious, the Genie helmet light offers turn signals, a taillight with multiple settings and an adjustable headlight with the same.  Where this helmet differs from a traditional helmet with a light strapped on to it is of course the integration of these elements into the helmet.“

Comfort & Use:

,,...Comfort and use of the helmet is actually great.  The rear retention system mimics that from major brands without breaking any patents.“ Read More

Subjective Cyclist Magicshine Testbericht Logo

Subjective Cyclist Testbericht MagicShine  MS-622 USB Outdoor Lampe Set


,,...Both of the lights in the MS-622 kit are just what you’d expect from a set of inexpensive safety lights.   A little extra credit is earned for the well designed mount clip and appealing housing, but otherwise this product is very ordinary.  What would make the product jump off the shelf would likely be more options in terms of flash settings, having a single flash setting fails to wow me.   All in all the pricing and performance of this set is a great balance and should satisfy most riders needs.“ Read more

Product review MagicShine MJ-872 from Bergleben


"... The Magicshine MJ-872 is a true light miracle. With the weight and the price such a bright sun in the dark forest to conjure, appeared a few years ago technically still impossible. The battery capacity is normally sufficient in winter weather, the optional brackets allow a flexible use and the small size makes the whole fun also very mobile. "

"... For the usual Nightride there is currently no better price / performance ratio and the experience at night it is extremely worth to get to know its routes under completely new conditions."