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Please observe the laws of your country! Mounting on the bicycle is not permitted for use within the scope of the StVZO Germany.  The German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (German acronym StVZO) requires that all bicycles lighting follow similar safety regulations as motorised vehicles. The MagicShine Bike Light MJ-900, MJ-902, MJ-906, MJ-908, EAGLE M2, EAGLE F3, EAGLE 600 und EAGLE 700 usw are intended for off-road use only. 


What is StVZO German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation?

Bicycle lighting is becoming brighter and smarter, as new technology allows much stronger systems to be compacted down in to smaller units. For example The  MagicShine MJ-908 provides an immensely powerful 8000 Lumens peak from the small compact body. 


Despite their lightweight, bike lights from less than 500 Lumens or even more are still very capable of being an incredible hazard along with other motorists if their beam pattern is not properly planned. To combat this, the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (German acronym StVZO) now mandates that bicycles light follow similar safety regulations as motorised vehicles.


Together with front, rear and spoke reflectors, bicycles have to get one facing to the rear sore point the other forward facing white light, which do not blink to generate judging distances easier. Lights have to be dynamo powered on bikes weighing over 11kg, while racing bike under 11kg may also use battery powered lights. Moreover, the StVZO require bicycle lights to possess a minimum brightness, plus a beam pattern having a horizontal cutoff point. Comparable to an automobile headlamp within the dip setting, the beam projected out should be below a collection brightness above a certain height, to be sure other road users are not dazzled.


Bike lights just like the MagicShine MJ-908 mentioned earlier are exceptionally powerful and hugely beneficial on mountain bike night rides (make no mistake in proclaiming that the MJ-908 Power Light is meant for off-road use only). However, when commuting home on your bike the super bright output and wide beam pattern is far from ideal.

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To get a bicycle light being StVZO approved, it should give a at least 10lux at 10m distance, with all the measurement taken in the brightest point in the beam. To define the cutoff point, another measurement is taken 3.4 degrees higher than the brightest point in the beam, the place that the brightness mustn't exceed greater than 2lux.


As the brightest time the beam should be no less than 10 lux, there isn't any upper limit to how bright a motorcycle light can be, but the brighter it is the harder it's to ensure the point 3.4 degrees above a couple of seconds receives 2lux.


The idea behind this is that, once you've aimed your bike light so your brightest point is focussed at the suitable distance ahead of you (typically 20-30m), a maximum of 2lux is going to be fond of eye level to most drivers.