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Magicshine MJ-902 + 910 Set 2000 lumen bike light

A new road bike lights set introduced by Magicshine – 2000 lumens provided in a small light head with the standard 20 degree beam pattern.  The maximum theory  output of 2000 lumens is powered by 2 CREE XM-L2 LED’s. The light can be operated by wireless remoteswich control button or of course the button located on top of the light head.

The 5.2Ah 7.4V battery comes in a new design which attaches to your frame with nylon straps in two places for a sturdy fit. The rear light is attached using the standard ‘o’ ring system, as does the front light, however the ‘o’ rings have been redesigned to fit two sizes of bar in one. This bicycle headlight and taillight set will be the premium choice for mass majority of our riders.


2000 lumens bike light combo | 4 power settings | wireless remote control| 5.2Ah 7.4V lithium ion battery | 12.5 hours on 30% power| 3.2 hours run time on 100% powe | Tail light MJ 910 included 

120,00 €

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Magicshine MJ-900 1200 lumens front bike light

MJ-900 bike light has 1200 theoretical lumens and using a Cree XM-L2 LED. This little light really is small, but does pack a punch for it’s size. We’ve kept everything as small as possible including the battery especially for the road biker where weight is paramount.

The MJ-900 comes with a 2.6Ah 7.4V battery as standard weighing in at 130 grams it will make your commute a synch with very little extra weight to carry!


1200 theoretical lumens | 4 power settings, high,medium, low, flash| 10 hours run time on low power | 2.5 hours run time on full powe | Wide beam spread (20degree)| Compact and very lightweight| 2.6Ah 7.4V 

52,00 €

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Magicshine MJ-906 5000 lumens bike light

Magicshine is so proud of bringing a multitude of new lights onto the market. With a maximum output of 5000 lumens from the 5 ultra bright Cree XM-L2 LEDs the MJ-906 bike light produces a 20 degree wide angle beam designed specifically for off road, MTB and trail riding. 


5 power settings | wireless remote control | 7.8Ah 7.4V lithium ion battery| 2.0 hours run time on 100% power| 10 hours on 20% power | Tail light MJ 910 included

149,00 €

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Magicshine Eagle 600 bike light 600 lumens

  • Eagle 600 lumens front bike light 
  • Designed for road use and the commuter
  • Swivel mount bracket to aim beam precisely
  • High/Low beam from separate LED's
  • Flash mode for daylight use
  • In built integral battery 
  • Digital display shows remaining run times on any setting
  • Maximum run time 10hrs on lowest setting, 1.5hrs on high beam
  • USB cable charging 

80,00 €

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