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MAGICSHINE, a brand name synonymous with brightness and reliability, is the US market leader in high performance bike lights and diving flashlights. MAGICSHINE lights are commonly spotted among biker and diver all over the world. Through over 15 years user reviews and research & development, our products have been in the forefront of sporting LED light evolution.  


Magicshine Light Team have a number of years of experience within the industry and fully test all of our Bike Light products for quality, before introducing them to the market. This means that all of the products that we stock online are brought to you by experts who can give Professional advice.


All of our Magicshine bike lights, are of the highest quality in terms of practicality, reliability and value for money. Day Well GmbH is a company that has a registered trade name and we are the official retailer of all Magicshine products in Europe including bike lights and head torches. When you deal with us you are dealing with a genuine Magicshine dealer. 

Magicshine-Light.com offers a limited warranty on all their products and is excited to keep riders in the saddle 24/7/365! 

17 years magicshine sport

In the professional bicycle lighting segment, MagicSchine is the leading manufacturer with more than 17 years of experience. The multichip technology creates powerful lighting for ambitious leisure athletes and professionals in one. The handy Magicschine lighting elements can be equipped with the appropriate mount e.g. During biking, skiing, or even climbing.


This brand stands for radiant light and reliability. A name that holds what he promises. The market leader in the field of high-performance bicycle lighting and diving torches has reached. Magicshine lights and lamps are used all over the world. State-of-the-art LED technology and satisfied customers drive the label's success. Always on the cutting edge, Magicshine engineers and designers are looking for even better and more efficient solutions. Here one believes in innovation, reliability and the free inventor spirit. This company philosophy is also represented by Magicshine Light Germany. Whenever excellent outdoor lamps, bicycle lights, lights for climbing or diving lamps are used, then this is the right contact. Nocturnal bike tours, climbing parties, deep dives or diving in a cave, are not only more fun with the right lighting, they are also much safer. A powerful LED bicycle lamp or a good climbing light can save lives.


1999 MINJUN ELECTRONIC founded in Shenzhen - Specializing in LED Lighting production.


2005 Professional R & D Team built for developing advance sport lighting. All the lights were tested by this new team before owning certificates.


2007 Magicshine was born to meet the high-end bike light market.


2008 First ultra bright dual beam bike light MJ-808 become one of the most popular models in EURO market.


2013 After years of taking trade shows around the world, Magicshine owns a lot of experience in developing lighting technology and design. The world's first OLED USB bike light, which is designed by the UK with IDC, which respects the revolutionary light on MTBR in North America.


2015 Stronger internal management for the expanding business. MJ-900 series bike lights won big selling success.


2016 Extensive product lines - Helmet light, run light makes more Market share for Magicshine Brand


Better than much light is even more light, therefore, an intense LED light without StVZO approval for off-road use as an additional helmet lamp. The high-performance illumination with mounting options for helmet provides maximum luminosity in a compact form and ensure a bright cone of light, which safely illuminates the way ahead even at higher speeds. On many MagicShine models, the lamp and powerful battery pack are two components that are connected by cable, for example, MJ-906, MJ 902 and MJ-908. This allows the lightweight, light-emitting element to be worn more comfortably on the helmet or head, and the slightly heavier battery can be stored in the backpack. With maximum light intensities of well over 1000 theoretical lumens, two to four different operating levels/mode and up to 3 hours of operation in the brightest stage, there is little to wish for in the dark.




This helmet lamp is especially crucial for evenings and in winter. The roads are often wet and slippery with leaves. Also, in winter it is much darker than at any other time of the year. Thus, it is impossible to see clearly what lurks beneath a thick layer of leaves. The MagicShine helmet lamp is particularly suitable for trips in the forest or on dirt roads. Another danger arises when one recognizes vehicles approaching too late. A bright bicycle helmet light illuminates the way in front of the bike and thus helps to eliminate such hazards out of the way. This danger can then be detected faster. The cyclist has the opportunity to avoid it and avoid accidents.

The bicycle helmet lamp is not only for the cyclist itself is an aid, but also for the oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, the light is essential. You can detect the cyclist even in intense darkness faster than just the reflectors on the bike.


There are two models of bicycle helmet lamp. You will find both Helmlampen for gluing and plugging. The bicycle helmet lamp for fixing, in this case, includes the adhesive pads. Such sticky pads unfortunately only fit for helmet lamp with low weight (up to 30g lamp head) and secondary lumens. Furthermore, there are bicycle helmet lamps for attaching to helmets such as MagicShine helmet lamp. The MagicShine helmet lamp also has a long burn time due to LED bulbs and separate Li-ion battery. You get them, of course, including mounting hardware and helmet and forehead support. This type of helmet lamp is, of course, more massive (about 30-160g lamp head) and more suitable for long bike rides and extremely dark.

Another option is to wear a headlamp on the head or the bicycle helmet, such as the MagicShine MJ-886B. These headlamps have the same purpose as other MJ bike helmet lamps. However, it can be used flexibly and can be used outside of cycling, for example, it is also suitable for jogging and hiking.

2017 new product launches

This new MagicShine lights family includes 6 high power Mountainbaike lights. All of them are beautifully design, compact, light weight and powerful. 

MJ 9xx - The new bike lights portfolio from MagicShine brings an efficient series of bicycle lighting to the market. These bicycle front lights and a rear light are not StVZO-approved and feature battery or rechargeable battery operation. 


MagicShine offers LED Bike Lights in 6 different designs, the rechargeable battery bike lights are ideal for a wide range of applications, from touring to mountain biking.


MJ-900 Bike Front Light

52,00 EUR

Another brand new design bike font light for 2016 from Magicshine, the Magicshine MJ-900 bike light with a claimed 1200 theoretical lumens, using a Cree XM-L2 LED . This little light really is tiny, but does pack a punch for it's size. We've kept everything as small as possible including the battery especially for the road roder where weight is paramount. The MJ-900 comes with a 2.6Ah 7.4V battery as standard weighing in at 130 grams.

Dimensions Newly designed with advanced cooling through the new thermally managed fins the Magicshine MJ-900 weighs just 55g plus the battery at 130g making a total of 185g with a run time of over 10 hours on the lowest setting! 


A newly shaped 'o' ring makes mounting this light head to your bars even simpler than before.  The battery reverts back to the velcro strap of old, but for such a small battery this works perfectly. 


The MJ-900 comes with a brand new 2.6Ah battery as standard, perfect for keeping weight and costs down. The battery indicator for this light shows red once the battery is below 30% charge. Please note, it does not use the same system as our other lights by turning through the colour changes to indicate 75%, 50% and 25% useage. 

In Use

The MJ-900 makes use of four power levels 100%, 50% 30% and a flashing mode.  These power options are chosen by pressing the button on top of the lighthead and each option is scrolled through including the off position before cycling back to 100%.

Running Time

The standard 2.6Ah 4.4V battery will give the light a maximum run time of about 2.3 hours on full power, with about 4 hours on 50% power going right up to about 10 hours on 30% of power output. 

Magicshine mj 902

MJ-902 Bike Front & Tail Lights Set 

120,00 EUR 

Another new front bike light introduced by Magicshine in 2016 - 2000 lumen provided in a small neat little frount light with the 20 degree beam pattern.  The maximum output of 2000 lumens is powered by 2 CREE LED's. MJ 902 with the diagonal LED and the 20 degree lens this also provides a very great beam pattern. The light can be operated by the wireless remote switch or the button located on top of the light- head. 

The battery is another new design from magicshine including a new low profile look that attaches to your frame nicely. It is  5400 mAh battery that will give you about 200 min. run time on full power and 12.5 hours on 30% power.  

magicshine mj 906

MJ-906 Bike Front & Tail Lights Set

149,00 EUR

Now Magicshine have a really excelled Product this year, bringing a Top Star of new lights onto the market. With a maximum output of 5000 lumens from the 5  CREE LEDs the MJ-906 bike light produces a 20 degree. This product was designed specifically for mtb and trail riding. There are 5 different power and Includes remote Control Switch and tail light too.

magicshine mj 600

EAGLE 600 Bike Light

80,00 EUR






Test News! Best front bike lights for under £100

magicshine mj EAGLE M2

EAGLE M2 Bike Light

138,00 EUR

Here is what MBUK had to say about the New Magicshine Eagle m2 "The Eagle M2 is a new unit from Far Eastern lighting specialist Magicshine. It uses a two-row LED arrangement with three lower and three upper floods spots.



Magicshine Have stepped up there game yet again expanding the eagle range of lights to the new Magicshine Eagle M2. The little brother to the new Eagle F3 HOWEVER this one is slightly cheaper, weighs only 127grams and is not quite as bright. It uses 6 CREE XP chip G2 LED'S to produce an amazing 2400 lumens with a fantastic Beam Pattern did does not have any dark spots! Magicshine have made a really versatile lights that has 3 different modes. The top three LED's can be powered and produce a spot beam did is perfect for anyone doing a commute on dark country roads. Or you can put the bottom 3 LED's on to produce at Unltra wide flood beam. Or if you really want to turn night into day to you can all 6 on to produce 2400 Actual lumen with a great beam spread.



As standard this package comes with a 4400 mAh Battery give you a 2 hour run time on full power with all six LED's running. You can take a look at the picture above to see the different run times for all the different settings. Please note this is an updated connection from magic shine so existing batteries are not compatible.


Similar to the eagle 600 this uses a fixed mounting clamp system did can be left on your bike while to clip the light unit in or out. A really simple and effective mounting system from magic shine. This unit therefore comes with the new wireless remote from magic shine did Allows you to change the old mode and power levels of the light without having to move your hands away from the handlebars another great feature.

Set Included: 1 Eagle M2 Light unit, Battery, Wireless Remote


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